3 Services No Small Business Should Do Without

The brave entrepreneurs who establish and run small businesses are the inventors, trendsetters, and visionaries that drive economies all over the world. This continuous wave of innovation has inspired a whole industry dedicated to making operating a small business easier and more profitable.

Why work harder than is really needed? These 3 services will lighten your load while improving customer satisfaction.

Video Conferencing

Modern times have given us technology that makes it possible to hold a professional meeting without the burden of proper pants. However, a recent survey found that small businesses are not taking advantage. What are the benefits of video conferencing for small business owners beyond the lack of wardrobe standards?

Being able to see the other person’s body language and facial expressions gives you valuable information on their true feelings and reactions.

Your associates are less likely to miss an online meeting, which saves you untold amounts of time, energy, and aggravation.

Online conferences mean you can collaborate with people all over the world without purchasing a single plane ticket.

Seeing yourself on camera can take a little getting used to, but it’s worth it to be able to conveniently communicate face-to-face with clients, suppliers, and collaborators.

Answering Service

According to Forbes Magazine, businesses lose $62 billion each year due to poor customer service. Consider hiring an answering service. These professional customer service representatives offer a variety of useful services for small business owners.

Appointment scheduling

After-hours call handling

Record incoming messages

Call forwarding and transferring

Order taking

Provide general information

Increase revenue

Increase client retention

With an answering service, you will spend less time answering questions and more time doing what you love.


Unless you’re a bookkeeper, you probably need one. Business accounting software is great, but some issues can only be resolved by an experienced professional. What can a bookkeeper do for your business?

Review records for accuracy during tax preparation.

Provide independent verification of income to lenders, partners, and other financial institutions.

Catch data entry errors before they become big problems.

A professional bookkeeper can also work with you or your accountant to save you money on taxes or evaluate future financial strategies.

These three services can handle many of the small details of your business day, leaving you free to plot your path to ultimate entrepreneurial success.