Our Team

Our Team is Our Super Power

We realized a long time ago that My-Sidekick is only as good as its people, and if we wanted to become a superhero in call answering and call centre, we needed to hire, train and retain great talent. If we do not choose the best people, we couldn’t expect for you to make us the Sidekick to your business. This philosophy has worked well for us, with an average length of service of 10+ years, and who all live in the local Kingston area.


We start by hand-picking exceptional people who have an attention to detail and a natural, easy-going way with people. We give them extensive training to ensure they’re prepared to handle the most challenging calls, while using the latest software. We pay our Sidekick Agents a generous wage along with health benefits, and continue to invest in their careers by encouraging further education for the four levels of certification with CAM-X.

In addition to standard benefits, bonus incentives further help us motivate and retain good people. As a result, we have built a great team with professionals committed to making My-Sidekick the best it can be with a WOW factor on every single call.  The commitment of our Agents shines through in their enthusiasm, and the excellence in which they perform, which all translates into better service for your business.