Answering Services: The Key to Client Experience

Contrary to popular belief, the Client Experience doesn’t start when they speak to someone on the phone at your firm. It begins when they first dial your number, and if they have to sit on hold for an hour or leave a voicemail, they’ve already had a negative experience and you haven’t had the chance to talk to them!

With a Professional Answering Service, potential clients will hear someone on the other end of the phone immediately. If their issue requires a delicate answer or they need to be assisted by an expert, the level one support that picks up the phone will be able to inform them that they’ll hear back as soon as possible with an answer. The end result may be the same as simply sending them to voicemail, but for the client it’s a significantly better experience.

However, in many cases their issue can simply be resolved by level one support! There’s no reason to overload your regular client experience team with these straightforward issues (password resets, SLA management, etc) when they can be quickly fixed  by a team that’s dedicated to them.

No firm wants to remain at its current size forever. We want to assist you in the inevitable scaling process as you continue to grow, and working with an Answering Service is the best way to maintain the attention your clients need without hiring too many new employees too quickly. We can easily work with your firm to ensure that you have the right Answering Service for your needs. It’s been a decade since the Forbes and New York Times report revealed that 80% of clients won’t even leave a voicemail, and things have only trended up since then. When a client calls your firm, day or night, they need to speak to a live person immediately. There’s no way around it.