Carving Out “Me” Time When Starting Up A New Business

Developing an idea into a full-blown business requires superhuman strength. The millions of tiny details needed to plan, finance, and create sales outlets for your products or services take a lot of time and mental stamina.

In your rush towards entrepreneurial success, it’s easy to forget little things like having a social life, household chores, or getting enough sleep. Use these techniques to carve out space in your day to actually enjoy the life you are working so hard to create.

Digitally Enhance Your Reality

What’s the easiest way to get something done? Get someone else to do it for you!

Hire a virtual assistant. These online helpers can help with bookkeeping, database maintenance, research, scheduling and email management. Get all the perks of having an employee without the extra expense or paperwork.

Use productivity apps. An endless variety of digital time trackers, expense ledgers, and communication applications that simplify daily tasks and reduce your desk time.

Hire a cleaning service to refresh your home. It’s not exactly a digital solution unless you book the appointment online. But at least you’ll get a day off from housework.

With a Little Help…

Don’t your friends and family owe you some favors? Ask them to pay up so you can sit down.

Redistribute regular duties so that older children, spouses, and other household members can shoulder some of the burdens.

Hire temporary help. Friends and family will often work for small amounts of cash or large amounts of pizza.

Find other solopreneurs to help complete tasks like graphic design and setting up contact databases.

Prioritize Yourself

You’ve heard it said before that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Make refilling your cup a priority.

Schedule breaks throughout the day. Set a timer as a reminder. Take your breaks, no matter how busy you are. Walking outdoors is great for a quick break. Whatever you do, do it away from your desk.

Establish a day off. For 24 continuous hours do not allow yourself to do anything work-related. This can be stressful for highly-motivated individuals. Do it anyway.

Write in a journal. Spend a few minutes each morning writing about how you feel and what you think. Regular journaling is known to reduce stress and help organize thoughts.

You are your own best asset. Take time to care for your body, mind and spirit so you’re always ready to take on the next big business challenge.