First Impressions Matter: Getting Off On The Right Foot With Website Visitors

First impressions are always important. With thoughtful design and the right rapport-building elements, your website can quickly assure your visitors their residential or commercial project will be completed with professionalism and creativity.


Guide Them Through

An inviting, user-friendly website design is one of the most powerful ways you can let your visitors know they’re in good hands. When a visitor arrives at your website, it should be immediately obvious how they can learn more about your services.


Look at your site from a visitor’s perspective. If it takes more than a few clicks to find the answers to common questions, you might need a redesign. It could be a simple as adding a “Where do I start?” image to help a potential client take the next step toward contacting you.


Providing a phone number where customers can always get their questions answered, even after hours, is another way to make the planning process easier.


On your home page, clearly state your value proposition. This is the reason customers choose you over other businesses. Positioning this front and center can make the difference between a visitor staying to explore your site or clicking away in disinterest.


Earn Their Trust

Including testimonials from customers you’ve worked with is another way to build your visitors’ confidence in your ability to meet their needs in an efficient and professional way.


Your website might be the one chance you get to show a potential customer how you can help them. An easy-to-navigate site that expresses who you and your staff are as individuals will make the good first impression you need.