Four Tips for Staying Motivated


Do you find yourself losing motivation throughout the day or partway through a project? With many tasks on your plate, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the details and lose track of the big picture and what is driving you to get there. While you can’t expect to feel 100 percent motivated all the time — some days will be more exciting than others — there are a few strategies you can use to keep your motivation levels up.


1. Keep your goals in sight.

Try writing down your goals on a little note, or even on a virtual sticky note on your desktop. Every time you see your goals, you will remember why you are doing what you’re doing and will feel more driven to keep going. You can also write down a mantra that really speaks to you. For example, “be the change you wish to see in the world” or “challenges make you stronger” may remind you to push through a challenging task.


2. At the end of each day, make a “did” list.

If you never feel like you’re getting anything done, it is hard to stay motivated. So, at the end of each day, write down a list of things you did accomplish. Seeing all that you’re capable of doing in a day will rebuild your confidence, which will keep you feeling more motivated.


3. Talk to others about your work.

What you are doing at work is probably more exciting than you realize because you look at it day in and day out. If you talk to someone else about what you are doing, their response may remind you of how interesting your work really is, which will restore your motivation and your own interest. If you’re talking to someone in your own industry, they may even give you some suggestions or insight to add a fresh, new appeal to your work.


4. Always have a plan.

If you have no idea how you will accomplish something, it’s tough to feel motivated. So, when you first begin a big task, write down a plan. Knowing you have an approach already mapped out will keep you driven and on-task.

Motivation comes from within, and with the tips above, you can truly harness it and use it to your advantage. Greater motivation will lead to increased productivity and better work results.