How To Scale Your Small Business Without Hiring Employees

A successful home-based business is the result of years of hard work, sacrifice, and a fierce belief in a positive future. Eventually, your determination and dedication start to pay off and your business starts to grow.

Expanding your small business means increasing your ability to accept orders, provide a greater range of services, and make more profit. If you’re looking to build your business without adding to your permanent payroll, these tips will help you prioritize, reorganize, and revitalize your routine.

Move Into the 21st Century

Technology is your friend. Make your smartphone do double duty as a virtual assistant.

  • Use the cloud to your advantage. You will have access to the files you use most, like contracts and sales information, from any mobile device. This simple step can save mobile business owners a lot of time and missed opportunities.
  • Productivity and financial apps can help you run your social media sites, save information found on the internet, track hours and expenses, create invoices and take credit card payments.
  • If most of your work is done away from your office, invest in a mobile data plan and a portable wireless printer for your laptop. Use any extra time you can to work on your advertising efforts, project plans, or explore additional streams of income.

Virtual Hands to Lighten Your Load

You can get outside help for everyday tasks and special occasions without hiring a permanent employee.

  • Need help for a trade show or large job? Check your local listings for temporary employment services. Candidates often come with background checks, references, and a variety of skill sets.
  • A local accounting service can keep your financial records straight and give you expert advice that can help you make important decisions as your business grows.
  • Virtual receptionists can take your calls, respond to emails, and help your customers via online chat. Professional customer service agents handle your simple client communications while you concentrate on the next level. Urgent or complicated issues can be routed directly to you.

Scale your business by increasing your capacity for work with a minimal rise in operating costs. Streamlining your daily processes will allow you to utilize more valuable time to sell more of your products or services.