How to Use Geo-Targeted Marketing to Build Your Company

In order to bring in new clients, you not only have to market your business, but also market it to the right people. With the rise of the Internet, this has become a bit more challenging. Post a sign by the freeway, and you’re marketing mostly to locals. Post an ad online, and you’re advertising to people everywhere — many of whom are not close enough to utilize your services. There is a way around this, and it’s called geo-targeting. Here are four ways to use geo-targeting in your marketing campaign.

1. Post direct ads through local venues.

Talk to some local venues, such as theaters, shops, and even healthcare centers. Ask if they would be interested in joining efforts to market directly to each other’s clients. You could post direct ads on their website, and they could post ads on yours. Most people visiting the website for a local business live in the local area, so they’re your target demographic.

2. Use geo-targeting options on social media.

If you use social media sites like Facebook, pay for sponsored ads. When you do so, you get to choose the target demographic to whom the ads are shown, and there is an option to show the ad only to people whose profiles indicate they live in a certain area. Cast your net a bit wide. For instance, include people who live in neighboring counties in your demographic, even if you do not usually have clients from that far away. These people may work closer to your offices or have friends or family they will recommend you to.

3. Coordinate your campaigns with local events.

When there is a big event, such as a city marathon or a street festival, take advantage of the marketing opportunity. Consider sponsoring the event in return for an ad posted on the event page. These events are also a good chance to do some physical advertising, such as print ads in the event pamphlets.

4. Use geo-targeted keywords.

When writing the content on your website, make sure you use geo-targeted keywords so that your site comes up with local searches. Examples of geo-targeted keywords are “construction company near ___” and ” ___ contractor services.” This will increase the conversion rate of your website.