How To Wear Multiple Hats Without Wearing Yourself Too Thin

Steve Jobs was an unrepentant micromanager. He willingly sacrificed his personal life to spend hours agonizing over design, packaging, and other tiny details most entrepreneurs would gladly leave to someone else. In the end, his commitment paid off. Even after his death, the company he created continues to dominate the personal electronics market.

While managing every nuance of the business process worked well for Steve, it is not recommended for other entrepreneurs. Why not?

Steve had access to two resources you don’t; ridiculous amounts of money and a genius-level command of computer programming. He surely created a cadre of customized applications to help juggle his empire.

How can a busy solopreneur keep pace with the daily demands of conquering their corner of the marketplace without the benefit of unfettered cashflow or demigod-like abilities?

Control Your Time

Your time is your greatest asset. Treat your schedule with the respect it deserves.

  • Make a schedule and stick to it. Include breaks, days off, and time for household and family duties. There will always be more work. Constantly trying to “catch up” is a sure path to career-endangering burnout.
  • Create multiple schedules. A monthly chart lets you see upcoming events like conferences, payments, or product releases at a glance. This will help you plan your daily schedule, which details the tasks you will complete each day.
  • Prioritize tasks based on their ability to make money. Limit the amount of time each day you will spend on non-revenue generating activities.

Get Some Help

Delegate less intricate tasks to give yourself time to attend to more important matters.

  • Pay the neighborhood babysitter to stuff envelopes for your next mailing. Ask your brother-in-law to help you set up your convention booth. Ask the people around you for temporary help when the need arises.
  • Contract with an answering service to provide top-notch customer service on your business phone calls. Spend less time fielding non-sales related inquiries while giving your small business a professional finish.
  • Invest in bookkeeping software that allows you to automate financial records. These programs make recording, organizing, invoicing, and bill paying faster, easier, and more accurate.

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation is saying no to a thousand things”. Your peace of mind doesn’t need to be a victim in your quest to bring your business vision to reality. Use your resources wisely to reduce the headaches of wearing multiple hats as an entrepreneur.