Managing Customer Relationships When You Are Your Only Employee

There is little competition for employee of the month in solo operations. Even still, you have to put in the work to earn the title. Just like a corporate employee striving for recognition, it isn’t enough to just do your job. You must go above and beyond, again and again, to grow your customer base and keep them coming back.

The customer service you provide could make or break your business. According to a recent survey, 97% of consumers worldwide said the service they receive is at least somewhat important when they are deciding which brands to buy.

Customer relations is just one of the many roles a solopreneur must fill in their daily work. How can a hardworking business owner keep their customers happy without sacrificing time from their other important duties?

Help Them Help Themselves

These online solutions let them find the answers they need without taking you away from your other tasks.

  • Make your website into an online database. Include pictures, product information, and pricing information. Keyword search capabilities make it easy for customers to search your site for the answers they seek.
  • Auto response e-mail programs let you keep in contact with your customers easily. It can also be used to buy some time when an e-mail message needs a personal reply.
  • Mobile applications give your customers the ability to view account information, order products, and track deliveries right from their smartphones.

Automate to Innovate

Leverage the power of technology to increase customer satisfaction while decreasing the time you spend problem-solving.

  • Help desk software lets your customers submit requests through your website. Some programs even allow customers to contact you via social media pages.
  • Hire a virtual assistant to answer incoming calls, respond to e-mails, and chat with customers online. Professional customer service representatives can complete many common requests.
  • Are you still packaging and shipping your own products? Get someone else to do that! Order fulfillment companies will warehouse your goods. When an order is received, they will send it to your customer. All you have to do is make sure their shelves stay stocked with your products.

These tips will do more than help you earn your employee of the month plaque. Implementing these ideas will give you more time to create superior products and grow your brand.